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Department of Computer Science University of Essex Wivenhoe Park Colchester, CO4 3SQ United Kingdom

I am a Reader in the Department of Computing and Electronic Systems, University of Essex. I am a cognitive scientist studying language using a combination of methods from computer science, psychology, linguistics and neural science, and interested in the application of these findings in human language technology. Areas of special interest include the interpretation of anaphoric expressions, the acquisition of commonsense knowledge, dialogue, corpus-based semantics, robust semantic interpretation, knowledge representation, underspecification, spoken dialogue systems, and applications such as information extraction and summarization. I belong to the Natural Language Science and Engineering area of the Foundations and Applications research group in DCES, and take part in the activities of the Language and Computation group , Centre for Systems Biology, and Digital Lifestyles Centre.

The page of ELERFED, last Summer's CLSP workshop on Entity Disambiguation at Johns Hopkins University, is here; the BART system can be downloaded from here. Mijail Kabadjov's GUITAR system can be downloaded from this page. The ANAWIKI project can be be found here, whereas the ARRAU project home page can be found here, the GNOME project page here, and the GNOME corpus page here. If you read the paper on Centering in Computational Linguistics and you want to try out a yet-untested instantiation of the theory's parameters, look here.

The page of the steering board of SEMDIAL, the Workshops on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue, is here; last year's workshop, DECALOG, took place in Rovereto, Italy, May 30th-June 1st, whereas the 2008 SEMDIAL will be held in London, UK, June 2nd-4th. This year the Language and Computation Group at Essex will host Flatlands, the annual meeting of computational linguistics in the South-East; program to be announced soon. If you are looking for the slides of my Vilem Mathesius lectures in Prague, December 2006, look here.

For 402/401 projects suggestions, course syllabi, and anything else related to my teaching, see here. The program for last year's Language and Computation Day is here. The page for the 2005/06 Reading Seminar in Language and Computation, on Empirical Methods in NLP, is here. Previous seminars can still be found here.

Education EDIT

Phd Univ.UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTERPhd MajorComputer SciencePhd Date1994
Master Univ.UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTERMaster MajorComputer ScienceMaster Date1990
Bachelor Univ.UNIVERSIT??A DI TORINOBachelor MajorComputer ScienceBachelor Date1986

Research Interest

Latent Semantic Analysis Coreference Resolution Anaphora Resolution EDIT INTEREST
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