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2008 Conference/Journal ranking list. It was generated by combining difference information including impact factor, "conference pagerank" score, etc. Click here to see ranks in other years.

The Impact Factor score is calculated according to the algorithm proposed in [Garfield, 72].

Specifically, let y be the current year, thus (y-1) and (y-2) denote the previous year and the previous previous year. Further let #article_{y-1} be the number of papers published at a venue in (y-1) and #article_{y-2} for (y-2);

#citations_{y-1} be the number of citations to papers published at the venue in (y-1) and # citations _{y-2} for (y-2).

Then the impact factor if for the venue is calculated by

if[i]=(#citations_{y-1} + #citations_{y-2})/(#article_{y-1}+#article_{y-2})

Rank of 42 Conferences. ( 102 ms.)
Rank Conference Full Name
85ACLMeeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics
184COLINGInternational Conference on Computational Linguistics
214NAACLNorth American chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics annual meeting
344EMNLPConference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
556AMTAConference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas
567EACLConference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics
650NLDBApplications of Natural Language to Information Systems
716CICLingConference on Intelligent Text Processing and Computational Linguistics
794HLTHuman Language Technology conference
1019LACLLogical Aspects of Computational Linguistics
1061INLGInternational Conference on Natural Language Generation
1074 TSD Text, Speech and Dialogue
1090RANLPRecent Advances in Natural Language Processing - RANLP
1137NDQANew Directions in Question Answering
1189IJCNLPInternational Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing
1424FSMNLPFinite-State Methods and Natural Language Processing
-ANLPApplied Natural Language Processing Conference
-HLT/EMNLPHuman Language Technology Conference and Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
-NLPRSNatural Language Processing Pacific Rim Symposium
-ISCSLPChinese Spoken Language Processing
-Processing of the Portuguese LanguageProcessing of the Portuguese Language
-ICCPOLInternational Conference on the Computer Processing of Oriental Languages
-SCIESummer School on Information Extraction
-NLUCSNatural Language Understanding and Cognitive Science
-International Workshop on Natural Language GenerationInternational Workshop on Natural Language Generation
-TALLa Conferenza sul Trattamento Automatico della Lingua
-KONVENSVerarbeitung nat眉rlicher Sprache - KONVENS - Verarbeitung nat眉rlicher Sprache
-PorTALPortugal for Natural Language Processing
-IWPTInternational Workshop on Parsing Technologies
-Natural Language ProcessingNatural Language Processing
-CSLPConstraint Solving and Language Processing
-LECLanguage Engineering Conference
26CLComputational Linguistics
331TALIPACM Transactions on Asian Language Information Processing
693CORRThe Computing Research Repository
1048MTMachine Translation
1206IJCPOLInternational Journal of Computer Processing of Oriental Languages