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2008 Conference/Journal ranking list. It was generated by combining difference information including impact factor, "conference pagerank" score, etc. Click here to see ranks in other years.

The Impact Factor score is calculated according to the algorithm proposed in [Garfield, 72].

Specifically, let y be the current year, thus (y-1) and (y-2) denote the previous year and the previous previous year. Further let #article_{y-1} be the number of papers published at a venue in (y-1) and #article_{y-2} for (y-2);

#citations_{y-1} be the number of citations to papers published at the venue in (y-1) and # citations _{y-2} for (y-2).

Then the impact factor if for the venue is calculated by

if[i]=(#citations_{y-1} + #citations_{y-2})/(#article_{y-1}+#article_{y-2})

Rank of 208 Conferences. ( 102 ms.)
Rank Conference Full Name
5SIGGRAPHAnnual Conference on Computer Graphics
12SI3DSymposium on Interactive 3D Graphics
59CVPRComputer Vision and Pattern Recognition
61ICCVInternational Conference on Computer Vision
75SCAThe ACM SIGGRAPH / Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation
77ECCVEuropean Conference on Computer Vision
117IEEE VisualizationIEEE Visualization
119NOSSDAVNetwork and Operating System Support for Digital Audio and Video
148CIVRACM International Conference on Image and Video Retrieval
154MMACM Multimedia
185FGRInternational Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition
1983DIMInternational Conference on 3-D Imaging and Modeling
200GIGraphics Interface
236VRSTVirtual Reality Software and Technology
240ISMARInternational Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality
277MICCAIMedical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention
285AVBPAAudio- and Video-Based Biometric Person Authentication
287CAeInternational Symposium on Computational Aesthetics in Graphics, Visualization, and Imaging
294VGVolume Graphics
297IPMIInformation Processing in Medical Imaging
337INFOVISIEEE Symposium on Information Visualization
339WOWMOMInternational Symposium on a World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks
348EMMCVPREnergy Minimization Methods in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
396VRVirtual Reality
410ICIPInternational Conference on Image Processing
415CGIComputer Graphics International
432WACVWorkshop on Applications of Computer Vision
454ISITInternational Symposium on Information Technology
491SMIShape Modeling International
493VMVVision Modeling and Visualization
510SGPSymposium on Geometry Processing
518VISUALVisual Information and Information Systems
530GRECGraphics Recognition
613Pacific GraphicsPacific Conference on Computer Graphics and Applications
627KNINVIKnowledge and Information Visualization
6303DPVT3D Data Processing Visualization and Transmission
653WSCGInternational Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics and Visualization
696AVSSAdvanced Video and Signal Based Surveillance
717GMPGeometric Modeling and Processing
737ACIVSAdvanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems
768AMDOArticulated Motion and Deformable Objects
777DGCIDiscrete Geometry for Computer Imagery
781MISWorkshop on Multimedia Information Systems
812VisSymJoint Eurographics - IEEE TCVG Symposium on Visualization
819IVInternational Conference on Information Visualisation
854IWDWInternational Workshop on Digital Watermarking
879FIMHFunctional Imaging and Modeling of the Heart
897CAIPComputer Analysis of Images and Patterns
911ICMEInternational Conference on Multimedia & Expo
926ICVGIPIndian Conference on Computer Vision, Graphics & Image Processing
927VCIPVisual Communications and Image Processing
943ICIAPInternational Conference on Image Analysis and Processing
948ICVSInternational Conference on Virtual Storytelling
961MVAMachine Vision and Applications
969PCMIEEE Pacific Rim Conference on Multimedia
1014AMFGAnalysis and Modeling of Faces and Gestures
1025VIPVisual Information Processing
1028IMA Conference on the Mathematics of SurfacesIMA Conference on the Mathematics of Surfaces
1037SimVisSimulation and Visualization
1070ACGAdvances in Computer Graphics
1087SIBGRAPIBrazilian Symposium on Computer Graphics and Image Processing
1118SGSmart Graphics
1141DIALDocument Image Analysis for Libraries
1155VVGVision, Video and Graphics
1194TIDSETechnologies for Interactive Digital Storytelling and Entertainment
1200GRAPHITEComputer graphics and interactive techniques in Austalasia and South East Asia
1223WAAWeb Analytics Association
1230TPCGTheory and Practice of Computer Graphics
1232EWIMTEuropean Workshop on the Integration of Knowledge, Semantic and Digital Media
1249CARSComputer Assisted Radiology and Surgery
1254MMMAnnual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
1256IbPRIAIberian Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis
1264CRVConference on Computer and Robot Vision
1266CGIMConference on Computer Graphics and Imaging
1277ISCASIEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems
1282DICTADigital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications
1294VLBVVery Low Bitrate Video Coding
1339SIPSignal and Image Processing
1344Compulog WorkshopsCompulog Workshops
1350CISSTConference on Imaging Science, Systems and Technology
1356MIRACM SIGMM International Workshop on Multimedia Information Retrieval
1373ICIARInternational Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition
1392HLKHigher-Level Knowledge in 3D Modeling and Motion Analysis
1573PVGIEEE Symposium on Parallel and Large-Data Visualization and Graphics
1579VolVisVolume Visualization and Graphics
-ICBInternational Conference on Biometrics
-BMVCBritish Machine Vision Conference
-FGconference on Formal Grammar
-ACCVAsian Conference on Computer Vision
-IEEEMSPIEEE Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing
-ICMEIEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo
-MCAMMultimedia Content Analysis and Mining
-ICMCSInternational Conference on Multimedia Computing and Systems
-SPIEStorage and Retrieval for Image and Video Databases
-EUROIMSAInternet, Multimedia Systems and Applications, EuroIMSA
-IDMSInteractive Distributed Multimedia Systems and Telecommunication Services
-ECMASTEuropean Conference on Multimedia Applications, Services and Techniques
-MAMMODigital Mammography
-VISAPPComputer Vision Theory and Applications
-PSIVTPacific-Rim Symposium on Image and Video Technology
-ICICICInternational Conference on Innovative Computing, Information and Control
-IPCVInternational Conference on Image Processing, Computer Vision, & Pattern Recognition
-SCIAScandinavian Conference on Image Analysis
-CAIVDContent-Based Access of Image and Video Databases
-CVBIAComputer Vision for Biomedical Image Applications
-SSIAISouthwest Symposium on Image Analysis and Interpretation
-CAMPComputer Architectures for Machine Perception
-AXMEDISAutomated Production of Cross Media Content for Multi-channel Distribution
-Applied Imagery Pattern Recognition WorkshopApplied Imagery Pattern Recognition Workshop
-NSIPNonlinear Signal and Image Processing
-CIICCongreso Internacional de Inteligencia Computacional
-PICSImage Processing, Image Quality, Image Capture Systems Conference
-WebMediaBrazilian Symposium on Multimedia and the Web
-IS4TMInternational Symposium on Surgery Simulation and Soft Tissue Modeling
-ISMSInternational Symposium on Medical Simulation
-ISBMSInternational Symposium on Biomedical Simulation
-DPCData Processing Clinic
-ICHIMInternational Cultural Heritage Informatics Meeting
-SAMTSemantics and Digital Media Technologies
-EVENTIEEE Workshop on Detection and Recognition of Events in Video
-MediVisInternational Conference on Medical Information Visualisation
-MMDBACM International Workshop on Multimedia Databases
-IRCDLItalian Research Conference on Digital Library Management Systems
-Electronic ImagingElectronic Imaging
-BIOSIGBiometrics and Electronic Signatures
-AMCPAdvanced Multimedia Content Processing
-WDCVWorkshop on Digital and Computational Video
-Multimedia Databases and Image CommunicationMultimedia Databases and Image Communication
-DEMDigital Earth Moving
-Multimedia Technology and ManagementMultimedia Technology and Management
-MINARMultimedia Information Analysis and Retrieval
-ICPIAInternational Conference on Parallel Image Analysis
-BSDIABrazilian Symposium on Document Image Analysis
-MHVRMultimedia, Hypermedia, and Virtual Reality
-Digital Image Processing SystemsDigital Image Processing Systems
-CVRMedComputer Vision, Virtual Reality and Robotics in Medicine
-ISVCInternational Symposium on Visual Computing
-ICVSInternational Conference on Computer Vision Systems
-ICCV WorkshopsInternational Conference on Computer Vision Workshops
-IWVFInternational Workshop on Visual Form
-SMILE3D Structure from Multiple Images of Large-Scale Environments
-AICVApplications of Invariance in Computer Vision
-BMCVBiologically Motivated Computer Vision
-3DICAThree-Dimensional Image Capture and Applications
-CLORToward Category-Level Object Recognition
-VLSMVariational, Geometric, and Level Set Methods in Computer Vision
-IVCNZImage and Vision Computing New Zealand
-WHMWorkshop on Human Motion
-DSSCVDeep Structure, Singularities, and Computer Vision
-AFPACAlgebraic Frames for the Perception-Action Cycle
-Computer Vision meets DatabasesComputer Vision meets Databases
-RobVisRobot Vision
-SCVMASpatial Coherence for Visual Motion Analysis
-TFCVTheoretical Foundations of Computer Vision
-Shape, Contour and Grouping in Computer VisionShape, Contour and Grouping in Computer Vision
-EWRTEurographics Workshop on Rendering Techniques
-VVSVolume Visualization
-HWWSSIGGRAPH/EUROGRAPHICS Workshop On Graphics Hardware
-SMASymposium on Solid Modeling and Applications
-PRSParallel Rendering Symposium
-VBCVisualization in Biomedical Computing
-VRMLVirtual Reality Modeling Language
-EdutainmentEdutainment - International Conference on E-learning and Games
-CDVECooperative Design, Visualization, and Engineering
-CVECollaborative Virtual Environments
-ICATInternational Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence
-ACSTAdvances in Computer Science and Technology
-VSMMVirtual Systems and Multimedia
-GRAPPComputer Graphics Theory and Applications
-VISthe IEEE Visualization Conference
-VIIPIASTED International Conference on Visualization, Imaging and Image Processing
-GMAIGeometric Modeling and Imaging
-VWVirtual Worlds
-EGITALYEurographics Italian Chapter Conference
-CAPTECHModelling and Motion Capture Techniques for Virtual Environments
-CGVRInternational Conference on Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality
-Eurographics Workshop on Parallel Graphics and VisualizationEurographics Workshop on Parallel Graphics and Visualization
-ICSCIEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing
-Advances in Computer Graphics HardwareAdvances in Computer Graphics Hardware
39PAMIIEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
82IJCVInternational Journal of Computer Vision
121MMSMultimedia Systems
151TMMIEEE Transactions on Multimedia
203Computer Vision and Image UnderstandingComputer Vision and Image Understanding
266PRLPattern Recognition Letters
291IVCImage and Vision Computing
318PAAPattern Analysis and Applications
466TCSVTIEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology
503Multimedia Tools and ApplicationsMultimedia Tools and Applications
538IEEEMMIEEE MultiMedia
804IJIGInternational Journal of Image and Graphics
842ICPRInternational Conference on Pattern Recognition
1332JVCIJournal of Visual Communication and Image Representation
-CVGIPComputer Vision, Graphics, and Image Processing