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2008 Conference/Journal ranking list. It was generated by combining difference information including impact factor, "conference pagerank" score, etc. Click here to see ranks in other years.

The Impact Factor score is calculated according to the algorithm proposed in [Garfield, 72].

Specifically, let y be the current year, thus (y-1) and (y-2) denote the previous year and the previous previous year. Further let #article_{y-1} be the number of papers published at a venue in (y-1) and #article_{y-2} for (y-2);

#citations_{y-1} be the number of citations to papers published at the venue in (y-1) and # citations _{y-2} for (y-2).

Then the impact factor if for the venue is calculated by

if[i]=(#citations_{y-1} + #citations_{y-2})/(#article_{y-1}+#article_{y-2})

Rank of 89 Conferences. ( 102 ms.)
Rank Conference Full Name
89UISTACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology
99ECSCWEuropean Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work
123CSCWConference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work
147IUIInternational conference on intelligent user interfaces
150CHIComputer Human Interaction
200GIGraphics Interface
208GROUPInternational Conference on Supporting Group Work
246ETRAEye Tracking Research & Application
280HAPTICSSymposium on Haptic Interfaces for Virtual Environment and Teleoperator Systems
325UMUser Modeling
364MobileHCIInternational conference on Mobile Human Computer Interaction
407AUICAustralasian User Interface Conference
416EHCIEngineering for Human-Computer Interaction
423ICMIInternational Conference on Multimodal Interfaces
439NIMENew Interfaces for Musical Expression
502AssetsACM Conference on Assistive Technologies
558UIAUser Interfaces for All
560GWGesture Workshop
574HCCHuman Choice and Computers
589NORDICHINordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
684CADUIComputer-Aided Design of User Interfaces
707Digital CitiesDigital Cities
770TAMODIATask Models and Diagrams for User Interface Design
850HESSDHuman Error, Safety and Systems Development
873DISConference on Designing Interactive Systems
875AVIAdvanced Visual Interfaces
895IWECInternational Workshop on Entertainment Computing
935ICCIEEE International Conference on Communications
939ACMACEAdvances in Computer Entertainment Technology
1067INTERACTIFIP Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
1101PDCParticipatory Design
1117EUSAIEuropean Symposium on Ambient Intelligence
1133DUXDesigning For User Experiences
1148ADSAdvanced Database Systems
1214DIGRAConference of the Digital Games Research Association
1316SMCIEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics
1341C5Conference on Creating, Connecting and Collaborating through Computing
1342ICCHPInternational Conference on Computers for Handicapped Persons
1529IFIP TC13 PublicationsIFIP TC13 Publications
-APCHIAsia-Pacific Computer and Human Interaction
-HCIHuman-Computer Interaction
-CIMCA/IAWTICInternational Conference on Computational Intelligence for Modelling, Control and Automation/Intelligent Agents, Web Technologiesand Internet Commerce
-CSREAHCIInternational Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
-IFIP Congress TutorialsIFIP Congress Tutorials
-UNU/IISTAnniversary Colloquium of the United Nations University International Institute for Software Technology
-CAPTECHModelling and Motion Capture Techniques for Virtual Environments
-UbiComp(HUC)Ubiquitous Computing/Handheld and Ubiquitous Computing
-ISWCInternational Symposium on Wearable Computers
-BCS HCI(Conference)the British Computer Society Human-Computer Interaction Conference
-ACIIAffective Computing and Intelligent Interaction
-ICADInternational Conference on Auditory Display
-CoBuildCooperative Buildings
-ACM SIGDOC ConferenceACM SIGDOC Conference
-CUUACM Conference on Universal Usability
-INTETAINIntelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment
-CANDCCreativity & Cognition
-DAREDesigning Augmented Reality Environments
-IWIPSInternational Workshop on Internationalization of Products and System
-CRITICALCritical Computing
-CHINZACM SIGCHI New Zealand Chapter's International Conference on Computer-Human Interaction - CHINZ
-PERSUASIVEPersuasive Technology
-IDCInteraction Design And Children
-TABLETOPWorkshop on Horizontal Interactive Human-Computer Systems
-PITPerception and Interactive Technologies
-DPPIDesigning Pleasurable Products and Interfaces
-EUROITVEuropean Conference on Interactive TV
-Cooperative Systems DesignCooperative Systems Design
-W4AWorkshop on Web Accessibility
-AMTActive Media Technology
-MKWIMultikonferenz Wirtschaftsinformatik
-HAIDHaptic and Audio Interaction Design
-UIDISUser Interfaces to Data Intensive Systems
-Workshop on Exploring the Design and Engineering of Mixed Reality SystemsWorkshop on Exploring the Design and Engineering of Mixed Reality Systems
-MBUIModel-Based User Interface
-WUAUCWorkshop on Universal Accessibility of Ubiquitous Computing
343IJHCIInternational Journal of Human-Computer Interaction
847Interacting with ComputersInteracting with Computers
-IJCINIInternational Journal of Cognitive Informatics and Natural Intelligence
-Ann. Software Eng.Ann. Software Eng.