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2008 Conference/Journal ranking list. It was generated by combining difference information including impact factor, "conference pagerank" score, etc. Click here to see ranks in other years.

The Impact Factor score is calculated according to the algorithm proposed in [Garfield, 72].

Specifically, let y be the current year, thus (y-1) and (y-2) denote the previous year and the previous previous year. Further let #article_{y-1} be the number of papers published at a venue in (y-1) and #article_{y-2} for (y-2);

#citations_{y-1} be the number of citations to papers published at the venue in (y-1) and # citations _{y-2} for (y-2).

Then the impact factor if for the venue is calculated by

if[i]=(#citations_{y-1} + #citations_{y-2})/(#article_{y-1}+#article_{y-2})

Rank of 153 Conferences. ( 102 ms.)
Rank Conference Full Name
35CRYPTOInternational Cryptology Conference
49STOCACM Symposium on Theory of Computing
52SODASymposium on Discrete Algorithms
58FOCSIEEE Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science
69COLTConference on Learning Theory
90LICSLogic in Computer Science
91ICALPInternational Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Programming
96EUROCRYPTTheory and Application of Cryptographic Techniques
97SPAAACM Symposium on Parallel Algorithms and Architectures
110CADEConference on Automated Deduction
113CONCURInternational Conference on Concurrency Theory
174FSTTCSFoundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer Science
194CC(conference)Compiler Construction
213STACSInternational Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science
219TLCATyped Lambda Calculus and Applications
228CPMAnnual Symposium on Combinatorial Pattern Matching
231MFCSMathematical Foundations of Computer Science
244WADSWorkshop on Architecting Dependable Systems
271CSLComputer Science Logic
293ALENEXAlgorithm Engineering and Experimentation
320IPCOInteger Programming and Combinatorial Optimization
341IFIP TCSIFIP International Conference on Theoretical Computer Science
346ALTAlgorithmic Learning Theory
358LATINLatin American Theoretical Informatics
361ISSACInternational Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation
373ISAACInternational Symposium on Algorithms and Computation
391RANDOMRandomization and Approximation Techniques in Computer Science
408APPROXApproximation Algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization
409SWATScandinavian Workshop on Algorithm Theory
437WGWorkshop on Graph-Theoretic Concepts in Computer Science
480COCOONComputing and Combinatorics Conference
526ICTCSItalian Conference on Theoretical Computer Science
533ASIANAsian Computing Science Conference
569MCUMachines, Computations, and Universality
608DNADNA Computing
636WADTWorkshop on Algebraic Development Techniques
649CCCGCanadian Conference on Computational Geometry
701IMRInternational Meshing Roundtable
721IWPECInternational Workshop on Parameterized and Exact Computation
727SIROCCOColloquium on Structural Information & Communication Complexity
761SOFSEMConference on Current Trends in Theory and Practice of Informatics
778FCTFundamentals of Computation Theory
814DLTDevelopments in Language Theory
901Global ComputingGlobal Computing
1059MKMMathematical Knowledge Management
1120CIACConference on Algorithms and Complexity
1147DRWDiscrete Random Walks
1153WEAWorkshop on Experimental and Efficient Algorithms
1219RelMiCSRelational Methods in Computer Science
1270WAOAWorkshop on Approximation and Online Algorithms
1387BCCBritish Combinatorial Conference
1456APVISAsia Pacific Symposium on Information Visualisation
1463Birthday ...Birthday ...
1466EGCDMASElectronic Government and Commerce: Design, Modeling, Analysis and Security
1471WCCInternational Workshop on Coding and Cryptography
1507International Conference on Finite Fields and ApplicationsInternational Conference on Finite Fields and Applications
1518CIEConference on Computability in Europe
1545AAECCApplied Algebra, Algebraig Algorithms and Error-Correcting Codes
1550GGGraph Grammars Workshops
-SCGAnnual Symposium on Computational Geometry
-LFCSLogical Foundations of Computer Science
-EuroCOLTEuropean Conference on Computational Learning Theory
-ISTCSIsrael Symposium on Theory of Computing Systems
-ICCIInternational Conference on Cognitive Informatics
-CATSComputing: The Australasian Theory Symposium
-UMCUnconventional Models of Computation
-GDSymposium on Graph Drawing
-EWLREuropean Workshop on Learning Robots
-FTPFirst Order Theorem Proving
-JCDCGJapanese Conference on Discrete and Computational Geometry
-TACSTheoretical Aspects of Computer Software
-CoCoStructure in Complexity Theory Conference
-LPLogic Programming - Japanese Conference
-APNApplication and Theory of Petri Nets
-LPAR(RCLP)Logic Programming and Automated Reasoning/Russian Conference on Logic Programming
-CTCSCategory Theory and Computer Science
-CAAPColloquium on Trees in Algebra and Programming
-AWOCAegean Workshop on Computing
-WAEWorkshop on Algorithmic Engineering
-WINEWorkshop on Internet and Network Economics
-CASCComputer Algebra in Scientific Computing
-SYNASCInternational Symposium on Symbolic and Numeric Algorithms for Scientific Computing
-TAMCTheory and Applications of Models of Computation
-AAIMAlgorithmic Aspects in Information and Management
-GTITCGeneral Theory of Information Transfer and Combinatorics
-CSRComputer Science Symposium in Russia
-MFPSMathematical Foundations of Programming Semantics
-WACGWorkshop on Applied Computational Geometry
-TPPTypes for Proofs and Programs
-_WMCWorkshop on Membrane Computing
-TAGTTheory and Application of Graph Transformations
-LITP Spring School on Theoretical Computer ScienceLITP Spring School on Theoretical Computer Science
-ICMSInternational Congress on Mathematical Software
-ISAInternational Symposium on Algorithms
-UCUnconventional Computing
-AIIAnalogical and Inductive Inference
-ISVDInternational Symposium on Voronoi Diagrams in Science and Engineering
-EWCGEuropean Workshop on Computational Geometry
-SIGALSIGAL International Symposium on Algorithms
-KGCKurt G枚del Colloquium
-WCGWorkshop on Conceptual Graphs
-ACIDAlgorithms and Complexity in Durham
-CALCOConference on Algebra and Coalgebra in Computer Science
-WoLLICWorkshop on Logic, Language, Information and Computation
-CAANCombinatorial and Algorithmic Aspects of Networking
-ICWImperial College Workshops
-FUNFun with Algorithms
-QCQCQuantum Computing and Quantum Communications
-WSFMWeb Services and Formal Methods
-GALOPGames for Logic and Programming Languages
-WAWWorkshop on Algorithms and Models for the Web-Graph
-WMC/WMPWorkshop on Membrane Computing/Workshop on Multiset Processing
-WALCOMWorkshop on Algorithms and Computation
-VOSSValidation of Stochastic Systems
-ATFL/AuFSAutomata Theory and Formal Languages / Automatentheorie und Formale Sprachen
-ADGAutomated Deduction in Geometry
-CCAComputability and Complexity in Analysis
-GOSLER ProjectGOSLER Project
-DMCSDiscrete Models for Complex Systems
-Optimal AlgorithmsOptimal Algorithms
-FICSFixed Points in Computer Science
-EPKGesch盲ftsprozessmanagement mit Ereignisgesteuerten Prozessketten
-ICMInternational Congress of Mathematicans
-Computational Combinatorial OptimizationComputational Combinatorial Optimization
-LCCLogical and Computational Complexity
-IMYCSInternational Meeting of Young Computer Scientists
-Orders, Algorithms, and ApplicationsOrders, Algorithms, and Applications
-ESSLLIEuropean Summer School in Logic, Language and Information
-Graph Structure TheoryGraph Structure Theory
-CCSCombinatorics and Computer Science
-DIMACS Series in Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer ScienceDIMACS Series in Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science
-Coding Theory and ApplicationsCoding Theory and Applications
-Category TheoryCategory Theory
-Algebraic CodingAlgebraic Coding
-Constructivity in Computer ScienceConstructivity in Computer Science
-Banff Higher Order WorkshopBanff Higher Order Workshop
-L SystemsL Systems
-COLOGConference on Computer Logic
-WERTWord Equations and Related Topics
-Logic and MachinesLogic and Machines
-Graph Theory and AlgorithmsGraph Theory and Algorithms
-Siemens ResearchSiemens Research
-Logic ColloquiumLogic Colloquium
-NLIPWorkshop on Nonclassical Logics and Information Processing
-Error Control, Cryptology, and Speech CompressionError Control, Cryptology, and Speech Compression
-Easter Conference on Model TheoryEaster Conference on Model Theory
210TCSTheoretical Computer Science
281ESAEuropean Symposium on Algorithms
800DMTCSDiscrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science