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The 2nd Workshop on Social Web Search and Mining (SWSM2009)

in conjunction with CIKM2009, November 2‐6, 2009, Hong Kong


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The workshop aims to discuss key issues of searching and mining a special kind of increasingly important sources: Social Web and Social Networks (SWN).

There are a growing number of highly‐popular user‐centric applications, especially with the popularity of the Web 2.0. Such examples include micro‐blogs, blogs, folksonomies, wikis, and Web communities in specific topics such as in academic research area. They have formed a new Web, Social Web and further formed social networks. Social networks generates a lot of (semi‐)structured information. This information greatly enlarges the content of Web. At the same time, it introduces many interesting research issues (e.g., social web storage, search and mining) as well many real‐world applications (e.g. social recommendation). This workshop solicits contributions on social search and social mining including Web‐based and Semantic Webbased social applications, the emerging applications of the Web as a social media.

Invited Speaker

Evgeniy Gabrilovich
Title: Social Web as a Source of World Knowledge

Abstract: The advent of the social Web has transformed the way we seek and find information online, as the speed of creation of user-generated content has already dwarfed that of published and professional Web content. This talk will cover the use of the social Web as a rich source of comprehensive world knowledge for NLP and IR applications. We will discuss Explicit Semantic Analysis and its adaptation for multi-lingual information retrieval, as well as the use of Wikipedia for named entity disambiguation. We will also survey some important enabling technologies, such as finding high quality content in social media. Finally, we will discuss a particularly promising research direction that seeks to cross-link multiple heterogeneous knowledge repositories and has the potential to revolutionize information access as we know it today.

BIO: Evgeniy Gabrilovich is a Senior Research Scientist and Manager of the NLP & IR Group at Yahoo! Research. His research interests include information retrieval, machine learning, and computational linguistics. Recently, he organized a workshop on the synergy between user-contributed knowledge and research in AI at IJCAI'09, and a workshop on information retrieval for advertising at SIGIR'09. Evgeniy presented tutorials on computational advertising at IJCAI'09, ACL'08, and EC'08. He served on the program committees of WWW, WSDM, SIGIR, CIKM, AAAI, ACL, EMNLP, HLT, COLING, and JCDL. Evgeniy earned his MSc and PhD degrees in Computer Science from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. In his Ph.D. thesis, he developed a methodology for using large scale repositories of world knowledge (e.g., all the knowledge available in Wikipedia) to enhance text representation beyond the bag of words.

Workshop Program (Final)

Session 1: Social Search (1:30PM-3:30PM)
Session chair: (TBD)


Marc Cheong and Vincent Lee.
Integrating web-based intelligence retrieval and decision-making from Twitter Trends knowledge base


Ning Zhang and Yuan Zhang.
A Tag Recommendation System for Folksonomy


Saravadee Sae Tan, Enya Kong Tang and Gian Chand Sodhy.
Annotating Wikipedia Articles with Semantic Tags for Structured Retrieval


Tom Chao Zhou, Irwin King and Michael R. Lyu.
Automobile, Car and BMW: Horizontal and Hierarchical Approach in Social Tagging Systems


Bin Wu, Fengying Zhao, Shengqi Yang, Lijun Suo and Hongqiao Tian.
Characterizing the Evolution of Collaboration Network


Hyoungshick Kim and Joseph Bonneau.
Privacy-Enhanced Public View for Social Graphs


Coffee Break

Session: Keynote (4:00PM-4:40PM)
Session chair: Irwin King
Invited talk: Evgeniy Gabrilovich (Yahoo! Research)

Title: Social Web as a Source of World Knowledge

Session 2: Social Mining (4:40PM-5:30PM)
Session chair: (TBD)


Janice Leung, Chun Hung Li and Ting Keung IP.
Commentary-based Video Categorization and Concept Discovery


Wim De Smet and Marie-Francine Moens.
Cross-Language Linking of New Stories on the Web Using Interlingual Topic Modelling


Freimut Bodendorf and Carolin Kaiser.
Detecting Opinion Leaders and Trends in Online Communities


Discussion about future trend: What is the next step for social network mining?

Topics of Interests

The workshop will provide a forum for researchers from all over the world to share information on their latest research in social search, social mining and applications.

Topics in social search and social mining of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Search algorithms in large‐scale social networks
  • Search across heterogeneous social networks
  • Personalized search for social interactions
  • Classification, clustering on social network data
  • Collaborative filtering and recommender systems
  • Community detection
  • Expert finding
  • Sentiment analysis/opinion mining
  • Social network modeling and analysis
  • Social influence analysis
  • Evolution of social networks
  • Privacy and security issues in social networks
  • Semantic social networks
  • Integration of heterogeneous social networks
  • Applications of social networks
  • Social engineering, tools, and case studies
Important Dates
  • Submission Deadline: July 20, 2009
  • Notification of Acceptance: Auguest 10, 2009
  • Camera Ready Due: Auguest 15th, 2009
  • Workshop Date: November 2, 2009



Prepare your paper not more than 10 pages in PDF file, with ACM camera‐ready template:

All papers must be submitted in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). Please ensure that any special fonts used are included in the submitted documents. Please use the following link to submit your paper: Easychair Submission System for SWSM2009


Workshop Chairs


Program Committee


Past SWSM Workshops
SWSM 2008: the first Workshop on Social Web Search and Mining
      Held in conjunction with
      17th International World Wide Web (WWW'2008) Conference
      April 21-25, 2008, Beijing, China


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